Monday, September 24, 2007

First Taste of Cereal

Maggie had her first taste of cereal this past weekend. She was none too pleased with the texture. Ben kept saying, "She not like it!" I think we'll try again in another week.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Same hat, same smile, different kid.

Ben: October 19th, 2005------------------Maggie: September 15th, 2007
(3 months, 23 days old)------------------------(5 months, 6 days old)

Saturday at the soccer field

We enjoyed a cool, sunny Saturday morning at the soccer field today. Grandma Karen held Maggie while Ben shared a hot dog with Kennedy.


Courtney & Brian .
Uninterested in soccer, Ben found a blondie girl to play with.

Looks like trouble!

"Hey, Ben. Let's play with sand and water while our mommies aren't watching!"
"Yeah, John. Great idea! I'm sure we won't make a mess..."

"Here, Ryan. You fill all the containers with sand, and I'll pour in the water."
...and then, everyone had to come inside for some t.v. time
in diapers and t-shirts because their clothes were soaked!
Oh, what a fun afternoon!

Maggie and her gal-pal, Avery, got together yesterday for a playdate.
Avery, although 3 weeks younger
than Maggie, is QUITE tall!
Mags looked like a butterball next to Avery!

Like Father, Like Daughter

Are these two look-alikes, or what?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Maggie discovers the exersaucer

Maggie REALLY enjoys the exersaucer!
She would stay in it all day long if we would let her.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Labor Day Dog Swim

Monon Park had a dog swim once they closed for the season on Labor Day. It was Java's first big chance to swim in a pool. (She has never even willingly entered a lake!) She wasn't terribly fond of the water, but she was thrilled to see so many other dogs in one place. Ben, on the other hand, loved the water. He dove right in with the dogs (and his clothes on!).

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lawn Mowing with Daddy

Brian and Ben mow the lawn together on the first cool Saturday morning of late summer. Ben trailed Daddy all around the yard with his bubble mower. Cracked me up!
I took the screen out of the window so I could get better pictures.
Ben was oblivious to my presence.