Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ultrasound #3: 1/20/10

I know it is difficult to make out the images in these pictures, but try to use your imagination!

I like the top picture in this first duo. You can see Baby A's head, and his/her little hand is up by her chin. (We THINK this baby might be a girl.)

This second duo is really abstract. The bottom picture is a side-view of a tushy and leg, extended all the way out. Baby B is lying across my belly.

The third duo is a great side-view of Baby A.

The bottom picture in this fourth duo shows Baby A's feet from the bottom-up. BIG FEET!

Parents Forever

Last night, as we were all in the car together, Maggie was once again talking about going to the hospital to "get the babies." (This is something she discusses on a daily basis.) We told the kids about how when Maggie was born, Ben would receive a sticker stating, "I'm the BIG BROTHER!" each time he came to visit Maggie and Mommy. He thought it was nice that Maggie will get to receive her, "I'm the BIG SISTER!" sticker this time around. Then, it occurred to him to comment that when we have our next baby (after the twins are born), the twins will receive their BIG BROTHER or BIG SISTER stickers.
(Ben just assumes, I suppose, that we'll be having more babies indefinitely.)
Kindly, he included Brian and me. He said, "You guys will just be the 'Mommy' and the 'Daddy' every time." I said, "Yep, that's right. Always the 'Mommy' and the 'Daddy'." Ben's response was, "Yep! UNTIL THE DAY YOU DIE!" So true, so true. The kid never fails to make me laugh!