Saturday, August 20, 2011

2nd season of soccer for Ben

Into another soccer season with Ben and Coach-Daddy.

For the girls, it isn't really about watching their brothers. It's about snacks and dancing on the sidelines. For the twins, it's about running away from Mommy (always in opposite directions!).

Let's be honest, here. For the boys, it isn't about the soccer either.
It's all about the snacks after the game!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maggs & Mia: a love-hate relationship

Maggie and her gal-pal, Mia. This is a relationship that Mia's mom, Tina, and I are already laughing about. These girls seem to be the best of friends, most of the time. We just see that there tends to be a little more drama when the two of them are together. Heaven help us if they end up in the same classroom in kindergarten next year!

Indiana State Fair 2011

Despite the terrible, terrible tragedy at the Indiana State Fair last weekend, we ventured out yesterday to experience it once again. Ben was so sad to miss it since he's now in school. We brought him a bag of kettle corn to make up for his loss.

Betsy, Bree, and Maggie enjoyed this little petting zoo barn full of miniature animals. Mini cows, goats, and pigs were so cute! Maggie even fed the cow from her hand.

Maggie & Kate pose in front of the 'cow' that they were feeding in the Pioneer Village.
Betsy shows off her new Pioneer hat.

Kate and Maggie got to drive the tractors for the vegetable harvest.

Hot and tired after about an hour and a half.
It was a quick visit to the fair, but well worth the effort!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

our little gymnast

After a long summer of waiting, Maggie's gymnastics class finally started today. I think she really enjoyed it. One of the things she like the best is that her friend, Kate, is taking the class with her. Now that they aren't in daycare together, Maggie begs almost daily for a playdate with Kate. We're going to enjoy these 10 weeks of gymnastics, and then, hopefully, we'll try soccer during the winter session.

What a trio!

These three girls seriously crack me up! I hope that Bree, Brooke, and Betsy are friends for a long, long time.

See no evil.
Speak no evil.
Hear no evil.

First Day of 1st Grade!

My "Little Man" is off to start the first grade today! He wasn't even remotely nervous. Hopped right back on the bus as if he were still in kindergarten an hadn't just spent an entire summer away from school. I have to admit that I'll miss him. With the three girls at home, I hardly notice that he's gone. BUT, my siblings tell me that once your kid starts grade school, time flies faster than ever. I have a feeling that's true. Already, kindergarten is gone, and he's a big first-grader! Our lives have changed so much in the year since he started kindergarten. Last year, I was putting him on the bus for the first time with two 6-week-olds in my arms. This year, the twins are almost walking; Ben is now riding a bike; Maggie is starting gymnastics. I hate to think of how much things will have changed by the first day of school next year!

Monday, August 08, 2011

a REAL vacation!

Cape San Blas, FL
July 30-August 5, 2011

Ben and Betsy

Braelynn, Maggie, & Cole
(with their faces painted in Zinca)

Bree in pink, Betsy in yellow

one of the few photos I got with Aunt Sue in it

Maggie could have played in the sand forever!

Dan actually hooked a 6-8 foot shark! After wrestling it for FOUR hours,
the line finally snapped, and it got away. Those four hours were SO exciting!

What's a trip to the beach without some kite-flying?

We also went horse-back riding on the beach.

Maggie and Cole rode "Little Bit"

Ben was so proud that he could ride "Whitey" by himself!

Since the twins can't walk on their own yet, we spent a lot of time pushing their strollers.
On the beach, in the house, everywhere!

Cole snapped this photo of us before we got on the boat to go shark-fishing.

The big shark-fishing trip. Ben actually caught TWO sharks!

at the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park
The water was so clear that you could see rays, jellies, and all kinds of little fish.
Above, the kids are examining the jelly fish they netted.

Grandma Linda and Betsy

Our Family

We will miss you, Cape San Blas!