Monday, April 25, 2011

4 for breakfast

This morning, Ben and Maggie came downstairs for breakfast while we were feeding the twins. Brian said it really hit him hard that we had FOUR kids at our breakfast counter. Please ignore the fact that Maggie and Ben were eating Fruit Loops! In the picture above, they were holding the cereal in front of their eyes and looking through the little holes. Goodness, we're blessed!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter morning. Bree is out in seach of plastic eggs filled with Kix cereal.

Ben is making artistic creations with the plastic eggs.

And Maggs is checking out if the contents are worth keeping (chocolate, jelly beans, etc.), or if she should give it up to pay the "Daddy Tax."

Betsy & Bree discovered that Easter baskets can hold a lot more than candy!

The twins get their first taste of Peeps...
Peeps are S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y!

Check out Betsy's face in the photo on the left and Bree's face in the photo on the right!
They weren't sure what to make of Peeps. Eventually, they both fed them to Java.

We rushed to Batesville shortly after our egg hunt to make it for 11:00 Mass so we could hear Grandpa Hank sing with the choir. It was nice to be home for Mass on a holiday for a change.
As soon as we got home from Mass, though, the Easter outfits were destroyed. I was so bummed! So much for a family photo. We'll have to try again another day!

Maggie and her turtle that she found in the lawn.

Then began the muddy egg-hunt in Grandma and Grandpa's yard. It was so muddy from all the rain we have gotten that everyone wore boots to slosh around in the grass. There were quarters in the eggs, so there was great incentive to look around!

I think Will said that he collected $2!

Seriously, could Anna look any prettier in this picture?
It looks like a magazine photo for Country Living.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Falls Park

We visited the most amazing park today in Pendleton. We went for Krista (Wenning) Hausig's wedding reception, and, most unfortunately, I didn't get a single picture of myself with Krista. Hopefully, some of the pics snapped on her camera came out.

Because we have had so much flooding, this creek was at a much higher level than usual. The kids were mesmerized! It WAS pretty cool.

I want to come back here later this summer for family photos.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twins' first trip to the zoo

Bree and Maggie in "The Desert"

It seems so obvious that Uncle Dan loves being UNCLE Dan!

I THINK Maggie is pretending to be a lizard????

Maggie's first time on the zoo's roller coaster.

It was definitely one of the hottest April 10th's EVER! 90 degrees! The zoo was hoppin' with people. The babies handled the heat well, but it really tuckered them out!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Maggie is 4!

Maggie wanted to go to Culver's for her birthday dinner. Brian and I took a deep breath and tackled it... our first dinner out with all four kids. Granted, it was only Culvers, but it was a big step for our family!

Maggie let the twins taste their first french fries.

Then, it was back to the house to open gifts!

We gave Maggie some new gardening tools. Plants, flowers, rocks, bugs... everything outside has been her big thing lately. The kid is always outside. We planted some seeds in the house, and now, she'll be ready to help plant them when it's time to transplant outside.

The twins have learned to "army crawl," and they are into EVERYTHING!
(and they're always losing their pants)

Maggie's only request as a birthday gift: a PINK booster seat for the car
(because she's a BIG GIRL now).
Happy 4th Birthday, our big girl!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Maggie's 4th Birthday Party

Maggie requested to have her birthday party at the bowling alley again this year. It's such a fun place to take a group of kids. We always have a great time there!

Goody bags and cupcakes. Mommy did the grass on the cupcakes ONE BLADE AT A TIME.
(My hands were absolutely killing me!)

Our Bunny Bowlers!
Gaby, Kate, Maggie, Abby, John, Nolan, Ben, Bree, Betsy
(I love seeing the line-up of bowling shoes!)

Brooke, Nolan and Kate's baby sister who was born just nine days after the twins.

a house IN our house!

Because of the yucky weather outside, we were stuck in the house for most of the kids' spring break. Ben wanted to invite a friend over to play so badly, but everyone we called was on vacation somewhere else. So, I took the kids to Costco to pick out a tent. We're going to need a bigger one this year for the neighborhood campout anyway. It will hold three air mattresses the size of the one above that Ben and Maggie are "sleeping" on. It's so big that it swallowed up our entire living room. Maggie called it our "house in our house." They camped in the tent for three nights in a row!