Saturday, April 09, 2011

Maggie is 4!

Maggie wanted to go to Culver's for her birthday dinner. Brian and I took a deep breath and tackled it... our first dinner out with all four kids. Granted, it was only Culvers, but it was a big step for our family!

Maggie let the twins taste their first french fries.

Then, it was back to the house to open gifts!

We gave Maggie some new gardening tools. Plants, flowers, rocks, bugs... everything outside has been her big thing lately. The kid is always outside. We planted some seeds in the house, and now, she'll be ready to help plant them when it's time to transplant outside.

The twins have learned to "army crawl," and they are into EVERYTHING!
(and they're always losing their pants)

Maggie's only request as a birthday gift: a PINK booster seat for the car
(because she's a BIG GIRL now).
Happy 4th Birthday, our big girl!

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