Thursday, April 23, 2009

Farm Fieldtrip

We took a fieldtrip to Uncle Jim's farm today to see the cows and chickens. Ben remarked that he had never seen chickens before. He was really timid about the chickens, but Uncle Jim convinced him to walk right into the cow pasture and up to the cows. Ben and Maggie were fascinated by the new "baby cow." Maggie kept calling to them, "Cow... Cow....!"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter morning was just as much fun as Christmas morning had been this year. Ben came to our room after finding a candy-filled egg outside his bedroom door. He didn't even open it until he found us to tell us about it. I asked him what was inside, and he said, "I was waiting for you and Daddy and Maggie to wake up first!" (good kid, or what?) So, we went to Maggie's room, armed with cocoa in hand to wake her up. She was thrilled to find some candy-filled eggs too. However, I think she would have been just as happy to sit on the stairs and eat the contents of the first one she found -- and do nothing more.

She had her face covered with chocolate within seconds...

and she ended up eating nothing else for the entire day.

We participated in the egg hunt at our church where we once again ran into our friend, Alexa, and her mommy, Michelle.

And when we returned home, it was MORE chocolate for Maggie!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maggie's first haircut

Maggs finally got her first haircut today. No Cookie Cutters for this kid! No-no, she had to go to a salon... in Broad Ripple. I couldn't let just anyone cut her hair, and I wanted my own hairdresser to do it, so Maggie got to visit Static Salon. Ben was happy that even Mommy's salon had suckers.

...and AFTER!

I actually let them do it!

Even Brian couldn't believe that I actually allowed the kids to color Easter eggs this year. I have never been brave enough to tackle the mess before. It was actually fairly successful. Of course, I got up and colored most of them at 5am just so I could have all the necessary control before they did the last dozen or so when they woke up. Maggie especially enjoyed hearing them CRACK when she rolled them off the table and onto the floor!

When we finished coloring them, I took all the eggs (well, those that survived Maggie) and made a centerpiece for our Easter dinner table.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Alexa visits

Maggie's friend, Alexa, came to visit from Connecticut today. She's in town visiting her grandmother for Easter. The two of them played in the "ball pit" since it was a rainy day. Then, they shared yogurt smoothies on the kitchen counter. Such cuties!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maggie's TWO!!

Maggie chose McDonald's for her birthday lunch (of course).
Dinner and cupcakes in the evening. She was nice enough to share one cupcake with each of Mommy, Daddy, and Ben. She kept ALL the rest for herself!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Moosilla!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Molly's first cone

We celebrated Quinn's 4th birthday with ice cream cones. It was Molly's first cone. Clearly, she enjoyed it! Happy birthday, Quinn!