Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

The kids have just been aching for enough snow to play in. Each time it snows, Ben asks if it will be enough for building a snowman. I think this time, we got enough! About 10 inches total, I think. All the schools are closed, but Mommy and Daddy still have to work. I can work from home, but Brian still has to get there, somehow.

He stepped out the door, bright and early this morning, ready to get to work on time, but his car only made it about 4 feet down the driveway before he got stuck. So, we decided to play in the snow for a while while Daddy cleared the driveway. He and the kids just left. The crazy thing is that once you get out of our neighborhood, everything else is clear. It's just nearly impossible to get through our dinky neighborhood! The kids don't care. They had a blast.