Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Indiana State Fair 2011

Despite the terrible, terrible tragedy at the Indiana State Fair last weekend, we ventured out yesterday to experience it once again. Ben was so sad to miss it since he's now in school. We brought him a bag of kettle corn to make up for his loss.

Betsy, Bree, and Maggie enjoyed this little petting zoo barn full of miniature animals. Mini cows, goats, and pigs were so cute! Maggie even fed the cow from her hand.

Maggie & Kate pose in front of the 'cow' that they were feeding in the Pioneer Village.
Betsy shows off her new Pioneer hat.

Kate and Maggie got to drive the tractors for the vegetable harvest.

Hot and tired after about an hour and a half.
It was a quick visit to the fair, but well worth the effort!

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