Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First Day of 1st Grade!

My "Little Man" is off to start the first grade today! He wasn't even remotely nervous. Hopped right back on the bus as if he were still in kindergarten an hadn't just spent an entire summer away from school. I have to admit that I'll miss him. With the three girls at home, I hardly notice that he's gone. BUT, my siblings tell me that once your kid starts grade school, time flies faster than ever. I have a feeling that's true. Already, kindergarten is gone, and he's a big first-grader! Our lives have changed so much in the year since he started kindergarten. Last year, I was putting him on the bus for the first time with two 6-week-olds in my arms. This year, the twins are almost walking; Ben is now riding a bike; Maggie is starting gymnastics. I hate to think of how much things will have changed by the first day of school next year!

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