Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ben's First Birthday

Ben's First Birthday - June 26th
(party - Sunday, June 25th)
After eating a wonderful lunch, Ben decided to open some gifts. He shows Rachel his new Little People Animal Farm.
Certainly, another favorite: the Bubble Mower!
(Java likes this one too!)
Ben shows Daddy how his Bubble Mower works.
"I help you mow da lawn, DaDa!"

Everyone plays in the first-ever Family Cornhole Championship

And finally, it's time for cake!

Ben gets his very own.

Green cake with blue frosting - YUM!

(to anyone looking at our blog: I can't seem to add any more pictures to this site. REALLY frustrating since the good pics of the cake-face were coming up. I'll keep trying.--- Katie)

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Anonymous said...

I was just looking at these pics today (8-19-07) Ben looks sooo much younger at his first birthday party.