Tuesday, November 06, 2007

First Trip to the Dentist

Ben visited the dentist for the first time today. We talked it up for days.... he was so excited to go that we had to leave a full hour before his appointment. So, we swung by Daddy's office and picked him up too. This is Ben in the waiting room:

He was a little apprehensive when we first went back with the hygienist, but she went very slowly and let Ben look at and touch all the tools before she even touched him.

But, eventually, she had to clean his teeth. You can see that he was less than enthusiastic!

And when it was all over, Ben got a plastic fish and two stickers. All this plus the new toothbrush we had promised he would receive. He was thrilled!

By the time we returned to the waiting room to find our coats, he had forgotten the entire thing. He was really into this huge leopard painted on the wall. Hopefully, the pictures will remind him how easy this visit was, and it will be a breeze when we go back in six months.

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mary kate said...

Ben looks like such a little man in his little red jacket. It's too cute, but when he's getting his teeth cleaned he looks like he did when he got his hair cut...hahaha