Friday, June 06, 2008

Splash Day

We had a fun day on the deck today. Ben kept calling it our "splash day." I think that's because they have splash day once a week at daycare, and last week was the kickoff week for the summer. Ben thinks anytime there is water around, we must entitle the day, "splash day." Cracks me up. Even though I hadn't added any pitchers of hot water to the mix yet, both Ben and Maggie dove right in to the freezing water straight from the hose. They had a great time! When I brought Maggie inside for a lunch break, she signed "water" over and over because she wanted to go back outside and play in the pool.


Mimi said...

Too cute! Don't you love that they are so entertained?

The Egglestons said...

We love water and pool days, too! In fact we are off to swim lessons in minute here. I think we need a splash day here. -G has the same swim suit as Maggie; M looks so cute!