Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Play Ball!

Brian came home from work today with a new tee-ball bat, ball, and glove for Ben. Ben was THRILLED! He has played "catch" with our neighbors before, but he was so excited for his dad to "teach him how to play baseball."

He actually has a fairly decent swing, but the poor kid just couldn't make contact with the ball. Finally, mommy decided to make a quick run to Target to pick up a tee (and complete the set).

Ben shows his new stuff to Maggie. (What a great brother!)
He even helped her set it up and allowed Daddy to give her a try.

Ahhhhh... finally able to hit the ball. He topped it several times, but at least he was hitting it. Unfortunately, after several really good hits, it was getting dark. I'm sure he'll remind us when it's time to practice again.

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Andrea said...

Ben!!! Way to go!!! You look like a real natural. Your mom is a pretty good photographer :) xoxo, LJ and Abby