Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I miss the Bickels!

I went back to my blog photos from June 2008 this morning. That's where I have the one posted of all the kids together on the couch at Joy's house before the Bickels moved to Japan. Made me cry a little at how much our kids have grown since they have been away.
It also made me really excited to add more kids to this picture in the future. Maybe next time, we'll see their faces instead of the bums!

John, Ben, & Abby ---------------------------Maggie, Abby, & Anna
(taken when the Bickels visited in December)

Andrea, I was having such a bad day yesterday... and I miss you too much. Even when our kids are fighting, throwing tantrums, or being downright rotten, you always find humor in the moment. Why can't I be like that these days? Instead, I'm tired, cranky, and pregnant!
I can hardly wait for your return this summer!

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Andrea said...

I miss you, terribly, too! And, hey, I am also tired and cranky, but not pregnant. Just trying to talk John into getting me pregnant :) Just one more time. Thanks for posting these cutie pie pics. Love you.