Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ben's first baseball practice

Ben was so excited about his first baseball practice. I think most of the excitement came from the new baseball pants and shoes. He pulled out his cool muscle shirt and batman hat to wear for the occasion. Mommy was just a little sad that I couldn't be there for all the fun.
When he came home, he was so dirty that Daddy had him take his clothes off in the garage. Evidently, one boy on his team discovered that if he dove for the ball on his knees, he could stir up a huge cloud of dust! Soooo, all the boys had to try it. Brian said there were dust clouds a-flyin'. Ben had a great time!
I don't think it was a mistake that Ben ended up on the Pirates team. He came home with his new shirt, socks, and hat --- all in black and gold. The hat has a big gold "P" on it. Daddy will have to pull out his Purdue-wear for Ben's games.

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