Friday, June 11, 2010

Ben's 5th Birthday Party

Tonight, we celebrated Ben's 5th birthday (two weeks early). He chose to have a "pool party" at our neighborhood pool. He also decided to have the same kids to his party that Maggie had at her bowling party in April. This is a great group of kids, and they really seem to get along well as a group. We had pizza and lots of fresh fruit, and of course -- blue Kool Aid because Ben thought it looked like pool water.

Gram Linda helped Ben design these water-themed cupcakes for his party. (Sweedish fish on blue frosting.) Yesterday, when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted at his party, he told me "cupcakes, because you don't have to bother to cut them into pieces for everybody while we're at the pool."
(He is SO TOTALLY my child! Practical and sensible!)

We gave each kid a squirt gun and a pool noodle as a party favor. They had a ton of fun!

Ben, Nolan, Gaby, Kate, & Maggie

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Mimi said...

Loving it! Looks simple, fun, and summery. Oh I so want to meet your kiddos.