Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of School

Ben was looking a little shy at the bus stop this morning.

He wouldn't stand next to his buddies & neighbors.
(and the girls look like such sweethearts!)

Our girls made a sleepy appearance. Brian had to drag Maggie out of bed to make it to the annual First Day of School Breakfast down the street. Teresa and Lori were happy to take the twins so Brian and I could snap some pictures of Ben.

Ben FINALLY allowed us to take some pictures as he was stepping onto the bus. Silly bus had tinted windows, so I couldn't see him once he hopped up the steps. I think he was in a seat with two of the girls that he wouldn't talk to earlier. They'll have to stick together in their nervousness.

We fully expected Maggie to be sobbing as her big brother rode away, but she was just fine. Mommy was fine too. No tears. I think it's because I'm too exhausted to cry! Maggie and the babies seem to be getting along great without Big Brother. He'll be home again before we know it! Hope you have a great first day at kindergarten, Ben!


Barb Moore said...

Aww, Ben looks so grown up. Looks like a good start to his first day. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten didn't get me weepy but 1st grade did for some reason probably because I knew that was the start of it all. :) Hope Ben had a great first day and you and the girls enjoyed some time together. Thanks for sharing!! Margaret

Mimi said...

I can't believe school has already started. Ben looks so alone in the first picture - don't you just want to make it all right for him. So many milestones in your family!