Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easter Outfits?

I bought these outfits for the babies, thinking they would wear them for Easter.
I don't think they will fit by the end of April. So, they're wearng them in January!
At seven months, they each weigh around 20 pounds, probably a bit more. We have had to take them out of their first car-seats and move up to the bigger ones. This is a real bummer as there is still a lot of cold weather ahead, and their pumpkin seats had the nice, warm Bundle-Me covers on them. Now, they have to wear little snow-suits wherever we go.

Grandma Linda is convinced that Betsy is on the left, so I added this picture to prove that Bree is on the left. Bree is always "Thing 1" since she was born a minute ahead of Betsy.

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