Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jolly Days

Twins' first ride on the awesome carousel at the Children's Museum

Do you think Brian is comparing his figure to Barbie's?

Maggs is always such a goof-ball!
First down the slide: Daddy and Maggie, followed by Rachel and Ben.

I couldn't allow the twins to miss out of the fun, so Rachel and I took them down the giant slide at the end of the day. Poor Bree - her bib flew up in front of her face, and she missed the entire ride down!

It was such a fun day at the Children's Museum. We're going to miss our membership this coming year, but we have decided to allow it to expire since it's so difficult to venture there with all four kids unless there are at least two adults present. Just doesn't seem worth it to have the membership right now. Hopefully, we'll renew the membership in a couple more years - when we no longer have to drag a stroller into the restroom! Oh, how I long for that day!

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