Sunday, June 05, 2011

Keeping Occupied

This summer, I'm making a valiant effort to keep the television and video games turned off. Ben is making it fairly easy on me thus far. Give the kid some kind of construction toy, and he can stay occupied for hours!

Here is his with his friend, Gavin, playing with the Trios.
(Why does every toy have to be dragged upstairs from the basement
to a location where the babies can find the tiny pieces?)

And, here he is with his Q-Ba-Maze blocks. (These things are incredible!)

He has built an island with a palm tree, some sort of double-helix, and a parrot, among many other things.

Today, however, this sign appeared on the wall outside of Ben's bedroom. I'm not so sure how the rest of the summer is going to go... "Maggies not aloud in this room." Does that mean that she can't go into his room (allowed?), or that she isn't allowed to speak "aloud" in his room? I fear the t.v. is going to be turned back on soon.

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