Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Polar Express

in our jammies from St. Nick - before we left for our big ride on The Polar Express

Here we are before we got on the train. It was FREEZING outside, and we were so glad that the twins stayed at home with Gram Linda and Grandpa Hank rather than coming with us.

Once on the train, though, everyone was warm and toasty! Big surprise for the kids: we met up with our friends, the Latterells, when we got to Connersville. The kids couldn't believe that we were all dressed in the same pajamas! (Other people were actually taking pictures of our families. Of course, it was because they were jealous - not because we looked rediculous!)

The Conductor came by and punched each kid's ticket with his initial.

Ben & Nolan ------------ Maggie & Kate

FINALLY, we got to the North Pole. Santa got on the train, and as he walked from car to car, each kid got to sit with him and talk about what he wanted for Christmas. Ben told Santa that he wants ice skates. (????) Maggie said she wants a unicorn pillow pet. Then, Santa gave all the kids a bell from his sleigh.

Even Mr. Latterell got to sit with Santa. He was admonished for choosing not to participate in the matching pajama fun. Santa said he would bring him a pair for Christmas.

It was absolutely the best night ever! I can't imagine a better memory that the one we made that night. Totally worth the effort to drive to Connersville in the cold and get on the train - and not get home until after midnight. The kids really believed we visited the North Pole. We had hot chocolate, cookies, and lots of laughs together. We'll have to do it again in a few years when the twins are old enough to appreciate it.

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