Monday, April 09, 2012

Maggie is 5!

Maggie with Ben, Maddi, & Jossi (and all the birthday loot!)

Maggs has been wanting a cheerleader uniform for months. And, she specificially wanted blue & white. I actually had a difficult time finding such an item. I ended up buying it through a cheer uniform company. She loved it! She said she is going to wear it every day of cheerleading camp this summer. Grape purse in the second picture is courtesy of Jossi.

Wait, I did say it was Maggie's 5th birthday, not her wedding day, right? Right!
Lately, Miss Maggs has been obsessed with all things wedding-related. She is now married to four of her peers, and every time her friend, Gavin, comes over to play, she puts on a dress, and they pretend to get married. So, for her birthday, Grandma Karen & Grandpa Mike got her a wedding gown, a bouquet, a veil, and a "diamond" ring. She LOVES it!

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