Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Break 2012

Gibson Theater to see Hotel Transylvania
It was the twins' first movie theater experience.
On our way to the Great Wolf Lodge.  It's mandatory to stop off at the Bass Pro Shops store in Cincinnati.  The kids love their huge aquarium and all the "stuffed" wildlife.  We counted turkeys around the store and bought 6 huge pieces of candy-corn fudge.
Betsy, relaxing on the couch after our first afternoon of swimming.
Bree sporting the wolf ears that came with her dinner.
We convinced the kids to go back to the pool again after dinner on our first day there.  The place was totally booked (every room!), and it was crowded!  We told them that we could skip story time at the clock tower and hit the pool again.  Reluctantly, we all put on bathing suits (again), and waddled down to the pool.  We had the best time!  Lines for the water slides were short, and Ben, Maggie, and I got to ride slide after slide.  The twins really enjoyed the wave pool. 
Here, Betsy.  Taste this!
Mommy, I can shove the entire thing in your mouth!
Time for some doughnuts after a good night's sleep. 
In lieu of wolf-ears at dinner the night before, Ben chose a wolf-tail.  He almost NEVER shows off like this!
My only regret is that the twins are in diapers in this photo.  We wre just about to slip them into swim diapers when a very kind woman offered to take a family photo for us.  How could I say no?
We really had a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge.  We always seem to make such great memories there.  Plus, Brian and I get to behave like children along with our kids!

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