Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ben's mixer

Last weekend, I thought I would try to get a little practice in on Maggie's birthday cake before I did the actual thing. Ben was so excited to help me in this endeavor. He LOVES cake! As I was getting out all the supplies, he asked, "Where's the big red thing?" Brian realized he was talking about the big electric mixer, and he said, "No, Ben. Mommy is just going to use the hand-mixer today." Ben said, "But we need two more things." We didn't know what he was talking about, but (as toddlers often just need to do things in their own way) we allowed him to fish around in the utensil drawer until he was satisfied that he had the two things he needed. He pulled out two whisks and held them up in each hand saying, "HERE'S THE HAND MIXER!" Brian and I were floored. Our jaws practically hit the counter top. We could just see the little gears a'turning in his head. Our little engineer, already thinking like one. Hand mixer: now, is that creative, or what?!

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The Egglestons said...

Isn't is amazing how clever little children are? How cute! G and her friends her age amaze me with their connections and what they catch onto. I feel like I learn so much from them!