Saturday, July 26, 2008

We took the kids swimming at the Monon Aquatics Center today. It was our first visit to the outdoor aquatics center. They had such a great time! Fortunately, they were both content to stay in the toddler pool, so we stayed together as a family the entire time. I was afraid that Ben would want to do the "big-boy slide," and Brian and I would each have to take the kids to a separate pool, but he was content to do the little slide in the toddler pool over and over. Maggie could have played at the water table all day long. We took them for a little cruise down the lazy river too. Maggie sat on Brian's tummy, and Ben rode in a tube with Mommy. We loved it!

I totally love this picture of Ben and Brian pushing Maggie in the stroller. Ben can't get enough of SpiderMan these days. He doesn't even know who SpiderMan is. He has never read the comic book, seen the cartoon, or seen the movie, but for some reason, he has to have all things SpiderMan. He got this towel for his birthday, and I crack up when he walks around in it like this.

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