Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch ~ Saturday, October 11th

We went to Stony Creek Farm in Noblesville today. Total racket, but it WAS a lot of fun. We got away having only spent $20! Ben is the perfect age for places like this. He was excited about every little thing we did, and he couldn't get enough of the giant inflated caterpillar that they could climb through. By the time we got on the wagon to go out to the field to pick our pumpkins, the kids were red-faced and exhausted. (You can see in the picture.) They actually just truck in the pumpkins to the fields, and you're dropped off there to choose. This year, the pumpkins were scattered among the Christmas trees. How strange! In the last two pictures, you can see the results of 90 minutes of "fun" on the kids! Ben gulped down a bottle of water, got home, and ran outside to play with our neighbor, Carson. Maggie crashed!

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Mimi said...

Thank goodness for fall festivals - fall doesn't feel like fall without them!