Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ben's first sleep-over

Ben had his first sleep-over last night.
We were a little concerned that the boys might not get any sleep, but they actually did great!
Ben Hammond arrived at our house in time for br-inner (breakfast for dinner), which he exclaimed was, "Yummy yummy for his Tummy-tummy!" All three kids ate about two bites because they were so excited to play. They played basketball outside and climbed on our play set, and generally, had a ball!

Then, everyone got into pj's, and we played with the Lincoln Logs for a while. I was amazed at how nice Ben Hammond was to Maggie. Because he isn't her brother, he's willing to include her in almost every game. Maggie thinks this is the bee's-knees!
After Lincoln Logs, it was racecars in the tent! The boys finally konked out around 9:30 pm, both on the top bunk of Ben's beds with Brian sleeping on the bed below them. They looked so adorable. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them sleeping, but it was too dark, and I didn't want to wake them.

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