Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had one of the best Halloween evenings ever in Carmel this year. It was 67 degrees and crystal clear all day long. Perfect weather by the evening for trick-or treating. Mike and Shellie Kneese kindly offered to come to our house (along with Patrick, the little green dragon) to hand out candy so Brian and I could go door-to-door with the kids and Java. It was so much fun! The kids had cracked into the M&Ms before we even left our front lawn.
By the time we had hit about five houses, Ben and Maggie had their fill. We came back to our house to enjoy the fire pit on the front porch and to greet the rest of the goblins. Below is my best carving effort to date. Thank you, Pumpkin-Masters!

Our nieces, Lexi-Red-Riding-Hood and Courney, live just one mile away, but we never get to see them on Halloween because their father (Brian's brother, Scott) is always up to some spooky antics in their own neighborhood. Scott, is that you in the body bag?

Jester Cole (I think) and Retro Lauren in Terre Haute.
Lauren reminds me of that line in Fletch... "Fletch stands 5'9", 6'4" with the afro..."
(... it goes something like that...)
Ethan, Evan, Steve, & Amy (West Des Moines, IA) have clearly developed a love of AC/DC that can't be explained!
Mermaid Mary, Sarah, and Shower-Poof Rachel in Batesville
These costumes are my personal favorite!

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Mimi said...

That shower-poof is one creative idea - I'll have to remember that if Kenna ever gets out of the princess phase. Looks like you guys had a great time - and yes, you are one heck of a pumpkin carver (I don't have the patience yet for those templates)