Wednesday, February 04, 2009

hats & scarves

Here are some snaps I took of Ben and Maggie yesterday while we were preparing to go outside to play in the snow. Ben wanted to try to build a snowman, so we got out the big box of hats and scarves to find something to put on our character. Unfortunately, the snow is too powdery for snowman-building. Nonetheless, they had fun trying on all the different hats and scarves. Ben is now sleeping with the rainbow hat, and he wore the ensemble to school today. He loves it! Maggie looks lost in that giant blue rainhat!


Mimi said...

They are too cute and look like such good little pals.
way to be for letting your son attend school in rainbow gear - we should all be so secure. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

in the last pic maggie reminds me a lot of lauren for some reason!! cute pics

<3 rachel