Monday, February 09, 2009

Valentine Mishap

I wanted to get a picture of Maggie in her Valentine's Day shirt-dress this morning. Unfortunately, Ben stole her Kate Spade purse for his View Master and all his disks. By the pout on her face, you can see how unhappy she was about his theft.
But, alas, Daddy saved the day with a sippy of water for the car ride to daycare! Ben shows off with the purse and his Viewmaster. What a silly kiddo!


Andrea said...

Ahhhh, Ben! You nailed it!! What a great idea for holding your view finder disks. Maggie's purse. I have yet to find a way to keep my 501 Finding Nemo and Thomas the train disks contained in one room. xoxo, LJ

Andrea said...

Dear Sweet Maggie,
You look very cute and japanese in your shirt - dress! They are the latest, coolest fashion in Japan. EVERYONE is wearing them! :)