Friday, June 26, 2009

Ben's 4th Birthday

After the trip to Holdiday World yesterday, we expected the kids to be completely wiped out, but they were so excited about Ben's birthday that they kept the energy high. Maggie said that she wanted to have her birthday again, so Ben said he would share his with her. He even let her open most of his gifts for him, and they have been sharing his new "GeoTrax" all day.
We invited both sets of grandparents over for a grill-out to celebrate.

mmmm.... BIRTHDAY CAKE....
Ben has celebrated all four of his birthdays thus far wearing this same birthday crown and topping his cake with this same frog-prince.
He asked for a chocolate cake with fudge for frosting. He even specified that he wanted frosting in the middle of the two layers. (picky, picky) I have always remembered that my sister, Amy, made my fourth birthday cake. It was pink and blue with big marshmallows baked inside. I don't know how she accomplished this. I put marshmallows in Ben's cake batter, but they mostly melted during baking. There was only a hint of marshmallow by the time we ate the cake, but it was still really good!


Mimi said...

I was just thinking that the birthday hat is looking a little smaller each year. Crazy how they grow! Max turned 8 this week and got baptized yesterday and little Cade was given his christening blessing today - to think they were all once so small. I must be getting old but it makes me weepy!

The Egglestons said...

What cute kids! I love that Ben wanted to share his birthday with Maggie and let her do so much to help him. You and Brian definitely have two darlings on your hands!