Friday, June 26, 2009

Holiday World 2009

Our first trip to Holiday World was a HUGE success. The kids were great travellers on the 3+ hour trip, not even asking to stop once, and they were total troopers the entire day. Brian and I thought we would be leaving the park by mid-afternoon, but we actually stayed until after the water park closed. We spent almost the entire day in the water park (since it was above 90 degrees), but I got most of our pictures during our last hour, which we spent in the "Christmas" section where the toddler roller coasters are located.

Airplains, mini-rockets, bumper-boats, a seahorse carousel, etc. My favorite thing was to accompany Ben on this crazy ride that took us slowly up and then dropped us straight down. I thought he would hate it, but our little dare-devil LOVED it. He giggled and giggled. He rode it two more times - once with Mommy and once all by himself (so I could watch his expression).
We ended our day with theme-park food: a funnel cake and cotton candy. This was Maggie's first experience with cotton candy. It was so funny. She kept saying, "My hands... STICKY!"
Oh, and we had our picture taken with Santa Clause. This might have to be this year's Christmas card picture.

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The Egglestons said...

Goodness, it had been too long since I had checked your blog! What a cute mom you are! It looks like you all had a great time.