Sunday, December 13, 2009

Biggest Surprise of Our Lives!

We went to the doctor for my first OB appointment on Tuesday this week. As with my last two pregnancies, there is always a bit of nervousness when I have that first ultrasound. I'm always so worried that we're going to get bad news.

This time, however, I had a sinking suspicion that I might be having twins. I have been saying for weeks that the extreme nausea I am feeling can't be what it was when I was expecting Ben or Maggie. I certainly remember being nauseated and tired, but I don't remember it being THIS extreme. And so, I wondered if I was having twins. Plus, Maggie went to daycare last week, and she told her entire class that her mommy was having two babies. It was all too weird.
We told our doctor of all the crazy suspicions, and as he started the ultrasound, he said, "Well, let's just take a look at these two kids." Then, he kind of laughed, and he said, "It looks like there really are two in there! I was joking around before, but I'M NOT KIDDING NOW!"
In the first picture above, you can see both anmiotic sacs, and (I think) you can clearly see Baby A in the sac on the left. In the second picture above, the focus is a little more on Baby B. Still looks like a little cloud to me, but we could definitely see a strong heartbeat when it was the live picture.
Holy cow! Brian fell backward about 10 feet and slumped onto a countertop. I began crying immediately. Definitely good news... just really shocking. So many questions now... How are we going to handle this?! Immediately, my OB had a list of precautions we should prepare for. I will have to commit to a daily nap - right! With 2 toddlers, how is that even possible? I will need to leave my job - or at the very least, start working from home before too long. I will be on an activity restriction in a couple of months. Possibly, bed-rest at 24 weeks. A lot of these restrictions are related to my pelvic separation. I suppose that puts me at an increased risk for pre-term labor. It's so much to digest.
My OB recommended a book by Dr. Barbara Luke. He wants me to do my best to follow it to the letter. Supposedly, it will help me have higher birth-weight babies. That's certainly a goal worth trying for! The book's recommendations are to gain 40-56 pounds during this pregnancy. I'm supposed to eat 8 servings of dairy per day, 2 eggs plus 3 more servings of meat, and plenty of fat! YIKES! Does this seem right? I'm doing my best. I picked up three containers of ice cream on Friday, but, oddly enough, I have no taste for ice cream. The thought of eating it makes me feel sick. I'm getting the eggs down each day. I doubt I have even come close to 8 daily servings of dairy yet!
I'm on a hunt to find two of everything. We already have one of most things, so I guess we just have to get a second set! Crib, car seat, swing (necessary item!), etc. Oh gosh, we're going to have to buy so many diapers! Better get Maggie out of pull-ups by then!


Mimi said...

Incredible! CAS mentioned something but really how did that happen? I didn't think there were twins in your family. I guess the Lord knew you were just giving it one more shot and he slipped in two because you guys are such great parents and needed to bless all you could. Four is craziness but worth it. So wish I was close so I could help out. But know I will be happy to send you some matching outfits! :)

Jaime said...

Exciting news! Congratulations.