Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ultrasound #2

Had our second ultrasound today. The pictures are MUCH better than the first ultrasound. You can actually see two babies (instead of two blobs) in these pictures. I like the ones of the two of them together taken from the top down. You can see their little arms and legs folding over nice, round tummies! The ultrasound tech could aleady rule out several genetic abnormalities today. She said they had great measurements, and there was no fluid in the brain and no thickness to the neck fold - all good things!
New due date: July 11th (would be 40 weeks)
Estimated delivery date: June 27th (if I can manage to hold onto them that long!)
Ben has already said that he would love to share his birthday with the babies (June 26th). I guess we'll see when they decide to come. For Ben's sake, I would prefer to keep his birthday reserved for him, but he seems to think that sharing would be a great way to celebrate. Such a sweet kid. He wants us to name one of them Benjamin should it be a boy.

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