Friday, May 28, 2010

Ben's Pre-School Graduation

Our little man "graduated" from pre-school last night. Cracked me up that they even had little caps and gowns for them to wear. The ceremony was really more of a spring performance since his school doesn't do any of those during the year. All the kids wore beach attire, and his class sang five songs with a beach theme. Then, we watched a slide show with pictures of the kids through their years at Goddard. Finally, the kids paraded up to the front in their caps and gowns to receive their "diplomas" from their teacher. Ben enjoyed being in the spotlight for once. He actually sang the songs and did all the motions - something totally new for our kid!

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Mimi said...

He is so cute Katie! I am praying for you and the twins. Good luck with the next 4 weeks!