Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Happy Memorial Day, and Welcome Summer!
Ben and Maggie spent the weekend at Gram Linda's and Grandpa Hank's house
(so Mommy could continue her bed-rest).
Here is a chronicle of their weekend:

Friday evening: Grandpa Hank took them on their first fishing excursion. Ben caught the first fish of the evening. Gram Linda said that he was so excited, he nearly fell into the pond! He called me to tell me that fish are really slippery!
Saturday morning: Went to the park in Oldenburg. Ben calls it the "Easter Park" since we took them there before the ICA Alumni Easter Egg Hunt in April.
After the park, they went to the Batesville Public Library.
Then, Slip-n-Slide in the back yard.
Followed by some lawn maintenance. (BUSY DAY!)
Sunday, after church, Grandpa Hank took them for a wagon ride. (I love how you can only see Maggie's arms and legs in this first picture!) Ben told me they drove the wagon to the back yard and "picked up logs." Grandpa can always think of a hundred projects for kids to do in the yard.

Sunday afternoon, Daddy drove the Batesville to pick them up. They had been digging worms in anticipation of his arrival. So, they HAD to go fishing again. Grandma says that Ben is "HOOKED." Ben caught another large fish. I really wish I had been there to see the excitement.

And today...

Well, it was supposed to rain all day, but it ended up being just beautiful outside, so Daddy took the kids to our neighborhood pool. I can't remember a Memorial Day weekend in the past when it was actually warm enough to get in the pool! I couldn't stay at home ANOTHER MINUTE, so I got in the minivan and drove to the pool to join them. It was such a great afternoon!

Here is Maggie, showing off her hula skirt as we were leaving the pool. She does the funniest walk when she's wearing this thing. She sways her hips from side to side. Guess she learned that by watching one of her favorie movies, "Aloha, Scooby Doo!"

And, as I sit typing this, it is POURING rain outside. Perfect timing. Guess we won't have to water the petunias tonight. What a great way to open the summer!


Andrea said...

Oh, how I just love you and your family!

Mimi said...

Love seeing the pictures of Crosstie - did he catch that pretty fish in the pond there? I had no idea you could find some gems there! Looks like a great weekend