Thursday, August 23, 2012

Children's Museum, August 2012

Now that Ben and Maggie are back in school, I have so much more freedom to move around the world with the twins.  We went to the zoo on Tuesday morning, and today, we went to the Children's Museum.  I haven't renewed my museum membership in over a year because we just didn't feel that we would use it while the twins were babies.  Now, I feel so sorry for Maggie - the "middle child."  She never got to go to the museum as often as Ben did when he was little, and now that the twins are finally old enough to enjoy it, poor Maggs is in school.  Curse of the middle child, I guess.  Someday, she'll hold this against me.  For now, however, I'm just going to enjoy my time to focus on the twins and keep our fun little outings a secret from their big brother and sister.
Betsy's expression says it all!
We rode the carousel 5 times, and I think they would have done it 50 more if I had let them.
Bree kept saying, "More spin, more spin!"
I have them wear these little "piggy packs" when I take them out and about without the stroller, but we don't even seem to use them anymore.  Today, I noticed that when they enter a fearful situation (like the Dinosphere at the museum), they use their piggies as comfort items - conveniently riding along on their backs.  Looks a little strange, but it's much easier than carrying the special doggies in their arms everywhere we go.
giant Mr. Potato Head-type toys
disco lights in the hall of mirrors
Teddy Bear Tea Party

Chihuly glass sculptures - fascinating to the twins!
Took this photo of Bree and me in the mirror.

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