Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gingerbread Shacks

We did a SMALL gingerbread house project yesterday to get in the holiday spirit. I helped the kids put their "shacks" together using gingerbread flavored graham crackers, and then they decorated them. I ended up hot-glueing Maggie's house together, finding that MUCH easier than using the frosting. I figured they weren't going to eat them anyway.
I figured wrong. Ben ate every piece of candy from his the moment he finished his house. This is truly unlike Ben as he's the kid who tries to save his Halloween and Christmas stocking candy, doling it out piece by piece. Maggie usually dives right in. You can see by Ben's house that he didn't leave a piece of candy uneaten! Maybe Maggie just ate so much as she was pulling it from the bags that she was able to restrain herself when it came to pulling it from her creation. Ben's poor house looks like it was hit by a tornado!

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