Monday, November 01, 2010

All Hallows' Eve, 2010

Umteen yards of fleece in various colors: $100
50 feet of lawn irrigation tubing to make the hoops: $20
Hours in front of the sewing machine instead of doing a million other
chores that should have been attended to: Too Many To Count!
Time spent trick-or-treating as a family in the costumes: THIRTY MINUTES!!!
Family Photo: PRICELESS

After a brief trial run around the neighborhood, we had to come home and put second layers on everyone. The babies just cried and cried, not liking the wind in their faces. In this picture above, Bree (in blue) is asleep. Betsy's eyes are just closed mid-scream. We probably made it to five houses with the babies before I had to turn around and take them home.

This is how they looked when I got them home and took their costumes off. I think it looks like Betsy is saying, "FINALLY. Thanks for getting me out of that stuff!"
Ben, Maggie, Brian, & Java returned about 30 minutes after we got home. They were too cold too. I was glad to see them so soon. It meant a LOT less candy to deal with and much less exhaustion on Monday morning. Ben and Maggs each chose 6 pieces of candy to leave on the kitchen table for the Halloween Witch. She came in the night and took the candy, leaving two DVDs in its place. I think Ben and Maggie felt it was a fair exchange.

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