Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Binky is GONE! ~ May 3rd

Binky is finally gone for good! We took Ben to Costco a couple of Saturdays ago, and he "purchased" the Sunray Playset with his pacifier. In this first picture, he and Maggie are posing in front of the playset, and Ben is proudly holding up his ziploc bag of pacifiers.

In the second picture, Ben
is giving all the binkies to the sales clerk. She was so honored to be a part of his big day, and she graciously allowed us to include her in our pictures. There was only about a week of remorse over the spent-binkies. Now, Ben is a binky-free kid, and we were quite happy to make that announcement to the dentist today!


Mimi said...

I never knew binkies were worth so much! I have never had a binkie kid but Brett is hooked on the bottle so we have to do something about that. I am intrigued about the call you followed - I would love to know more about it. Thanks for sharing - I was touched by your quote.

Mimi said...
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The Egglestons said...

We have thought about doing something similar with G. I don't think she's ready, quite yet, but I am already getting anxious to trade in her binkies. What a fun purchase!