Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lauren's First Communion ~ April 26th

Our niece, Lauren, made her First Holy Communion on Saturday, April 26th in Terre Haute. She looked so beautiful in her white dress and veil. This veil was made from Aunt Janna's wedding veil. All three of Janna's girls wore it, and it is being save for Maggie to wear as well. (Janna told me not to use my wedding veil to make Maggie's First Communion veil because her girls want me to save mine for their weddings.)

Janna also made a First Communion dress and veil for Lauren's American Girl doll. Such talent!


Mimi said...

Jana is such a good aunt! How special.

The Egglestons said...

I am so impressed! What a neat way to pass down a family treasure for such a special occasion.