Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Toddler Trade-Off

My friend, Andrea, and I have agreed to do a toddler-trade on Thursdays. Every other Thursday, Ben visits their house for the day. On the Thursdays in between, his friend, John, comes to our house to play for the day. It is the best gift Andrea and I could have ever given each other. I don't know which days are better: the days that John comes over to play or the days that I get to spend alone with Maggie. These are some pictures from a day John spent with us recently. We walked to our neighborhood playground after lunch and then came home for naptime. I NEVER thought the boys would nap in the same room together, but after a full hour of giggling, they finally fell asleep for a full two hours! I took a picture just to prove that they actually napped. Oh, it's priceless!

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The Egglestons said...

What cute friends! I am very impressed that they napped in the same room. I love swaps with friends!