Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lakes at Hazel Dell Camp-Out

Last night was our annual neighborhood camp-out. It's held on the last day of school each year. Brian took a half-day at work so we could make it down to the camping field at the beginning of all the activities. Unfortunately, our kids had other plans... They took naps well into the late afternoon/evening. But, we eventually packed up the stroller and made it down there. Good thing Mommy had already gone down earlier to set up the tent!

Ours is the smallest tent, almost directly in the middle of the picture above. (tan and blue)
Brian and Ben really intended to camp out for the night. Mother Nature didn't cooperate. Strong thunderstorms and tornadoes were predicted. Even though there was lightening flashing in the sky, the DJ continued to play until 10:00pm.

Our kids had ice cream, we bought glow-necklaces, made s'mores, and Maggie danced her heart out! Ben couldn't be found from the moment we let him out of the stroller (hence, the lack of pictures). I spent most of the evening searching for him. He was having such a great time running in and out of everyone's tents (not necessarily ours or the tents of his friends!).

Just before the major downpour struck, we located Ben and gathered up our things. We decided to abandon our tent for the night. Several families disassembled their tents and took them home. When morning came, I went out to the field to assess the damage. I wish I had taken some pictures. Our tent survived fairly well. Only a few inches of water inside, and just one corner ripped away from its tethers. The rest of it was still attached to the stakes. Evidently, another tent (one much larger than ours) ripped completely away from its stakes and landed on top of ours. Good thing no one tried to stay out there and brave the storm! Better luck next year.


Mimi said...

Looks like so much fun. I impressed you were brave enough to weather it through the night - even if you weren't in your tent.

The Egglestons said...

What a fun time! You look fabulous! Have you been out running pushing that double stroller? That would whip you into shape, for sure. You look good!