Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tea Party ~ April 17th

Maggie received this adorable tea set for her birthday. She and Ben have been having tea parties DAILY. In this first picture, you can see that Ben is showing her how to set up the "party." It cracks me up how she waits so patiently.

The good manners disappear sooooo quickly when Ben dives right in! He completely skips the tea cup and drinks directly from the pot. He always tells me that it's filled with "hot cocoa" and that he must drink it before Maggie gets any. Gosh, it's so nice how they share!

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Mimi said...

She is patient - Brett would have thrown the whole thing on the floor in seconds. Kenna actually got a china teaset for her bday we have already lost 3 pieces due to destruction. Oh well....