Sunday, May 11, 2008

More sickness ~ April 24th

The Martin Family has done a really poor job avoiding sickness this year. Two kids in daycare two days a week has exposed us to our share of germs. I'm afraid that this time, Maggie may have picked this up during our magical visit to the swimming pool the previous weekend. By Wednesday, she had a high fever and had to come home from daycare. By Thursday, she was crying inconsolably almost non-stop. I took this picture of her just to show how swollen her little eyes were from all the crying. On Friday, after two full days of crying (screaming at that point), we took her to the ER (at her pediatrician's suggestion). We left the ER about 7 hours later with a diagnosis of "mystery virus." No one ever figured out what was wrong with her, but after being poked and prodded in every way imaginable (short of the spinal tap they were preparing to do), she sort of stopped crying. Once she calmed down, the ER doc decided it wasn't fair to put her through the misery of a spinal tap, so we just brought her home. She slept for three full days, and by the following Tuesday, she was back to good ol' Maggie again. Strangest sickness we have encountered yet.

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Mimi said...

Yikes! With all that crying and chaos, I would be crying too - glad you made it through that weekend.