Sunday, May 11, 2008

Telephone Talkers ~ May 1st

Ben looks so dreamy to me here. He just loves to pretend to talk on the telephone. He is always picking up the little phone in his play-kitchen and calling Gram Linda to ask her to come over to play. This day's conversation went like this: "Hello, Gram Linda and Grampa Hank! Are you coming to my house to play today? Oh, you aren't? Bummer, dude! Maggie, they can't come to our house today. Bye!" Then, of course, Maggie makes her phone call and pretends to have the same conversation. Monkey see, Monkey do!

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Mimi said...

Wouldn't it be terrible to be an only child? I love that siblings can be such great friends. I love your kids and just wish I could give them a squeeze. Wish I could call them (and you) to see if they could come over to play today.